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MCMXCVII follows Philip's 2nd full-length studio album; “GAP” which was widely received and loved by fans across board. The album also engraved his name in the hip hop industry. Once again, this project was mastered by CHH engineer great, Kyren Monteiro, courtesy of Engage Records (Social Club, Capitol Records, Tedashii and KB of Reach Records, Humble Beast Records, and more). 

This new album is set to take us on an amazing journey which is well played out by Philip. The album is graced and richly blended with an exemplary body of well thought out lyrics filled with humility, faith and perseverance. MXMXCVII (1997) is brewed from straight, well-laced hip hop instrumentals, quality mixing and a blend of amazing fire lyrics that will take you on a journey. 

A free-flowing exploration is immediately evident on “MXMXCVII (1997)” The album’s opening title track, “Finally made it” boasts big lyrics that set an arousing curtain raiser into the album. Philip’s storytelling ability continues to shine over these 11-songs. In addition to this, “MXMXCVII (1997)” sees Philip teaming up with a stunning assortment of featured guests, including Mikhail, R-swift and Quizzy B. 


GAP is Dat Phella’s 2nd full-length studio album. This hot new project features hard hitting singles such as ‘No Paparazzi’ & ‘Speak Up’, as well as classic hip hop joints like ‘Winner’s Circle’. GAP was mastered by CHH engineer great, Kyren Monteiro from Engage Records (KB, Humble Beast Records, Fedel).

Dat Phella was the stage alias of Philip Anthony. The Toledo native has been pounding the pavement from Ohio to Texas and is certain of one thing... “We Just Gettin’ Started”. Outside of his consistency in providing quality music and a dynamic stage performance, Phella is most known for his desire to see people enlightened and inspired by his music. “I love God...I love people... I love music” is the motto behind his brand “Gap Music”.

Phella's sound can be compared to the likes of Lecrae, Kendrick Lamar, Andy Mineo, and J Cole. He has shared the stage with CHH legends such as Yaves, D-Maub, K-Drama, and KJ52 just to name a few. Phella's newly released single, "Lookin' At Me", available now on Apple Music, is featured on Hope Beat's March Madness 2016 mixtape along with CHH industry greats such as Bizzle, Social Club, Steven Malcolm, Datin, Seven, Pyrexx, and more. Dat Phella's latest release is his highly anticipated, 2nd full-length studio album, GAP. This project is the very heartbeat of why Phella began rapping. GAP is available now on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify!


My Own King is an EP that Phella put together to address the need to keep Christ as the center of his life. With so much dialogue in CHH concerning the label "Christian Rapper", Dat Phella looks to state his claim that no matter what you call him, "Giicom's the Motto". G.I.I.C.O.M. stands for "God is is charge of me", and on this 6 song EP (*1 Bonus track) you'll hear Dat Phella snap on tracks and show the world that he is laser focused on the goal set before him. Simply put, "this EP Goes Hard! 


With singles like,  "We Just Gettin' Started " and "Lookin' At Me",  This project will definitely get you motivated to pursue the next level of life while keeping your eyes set on eternity. My Own King is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and all major online music streaming platforms. 



After the release of his debut project, Dat Phella found himself in the fast lane and wanted to quickly build on its Momentum. The concept of "Momentum, Deluxe Version" is a combination of running from the stigma of street life and running towards a higher calling. With high energy tracks like, "Final Destination" and "The Cycle ft. Mateo Vic", Dat Phella spits straight fire over dark and gritty beats.


Momentum is Dat Phella's debut album.  this project has been remastered and released with an all- star lineup of hits and easy listening songs.


Led by singles like, "Don't Impress Me", "Afraid To Fly ft. Scott DuPree" and "Scope Ft. Dalomonze", this project is full of inspirational tracks that explore the idea of succeeding in life despite obstacles or opposition. Momentum is currently available for purchase on all other major online music stores. 


"G.A.P." stands for God And People. This exclusive collection of tracks really exemplify the hear behind the message, which is to pro-actively reach this lost generation with the gospel message. With intellect on production, this underground collective is a "must have" if you support dope lyrics on top of gritty beats.


From swagged out tracks like "Bounce" and "Like A Troop" to underground joints like "Swagger Boi" and "I Get Mine" to an "in your face" God exalting song like, "YES", This project covers all bases. 

Gap Music, Vol.1 is available on all streaming platforms

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