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It is possible to make music that people can enjoy without compromising good ethics and morals. Music is an expression of the self; shouldn't we be continually striving to be our best "selves"? True, we fall short, but with each new day, we're given a unique opportunity to grow beyond where we were the previous day.

Dat Phella has spent the past 10 years grooming to be the best father, husband, and artist as possible. Originally from Toledo, Ohio, Phella has been grinding the Mid-West underground hip hop scene and is certain of one thing… “We Just Gettin’ Started”. Outside of his consistency in providing quality music and a dynamic stage performance, Phella is best known for his unquenched desire to see people both enlightened and inspired by his music. “I love God…I love people… I love music” is the motto behind his brand “Gap Music”.

Momentum is Dat Phella's debut album. This project has been remastered and released with an all star line up of hits and easy listening tunes.

Led by singles like, "Don't Impress Me", "Afraid To Fly ", and "Scope ", this project is full of inspirational tracks that explore the determination to succeed in life despite obstacles or opposition.

Momentum is currently available for purchase on iTunes and all other major online music stores.

Thank you for your support!

-Dat Phella

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